Now Offering Equine Sports Massage

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Equine Sports Massage

Becky is extremely excited to announce that as of September 2020, she has expanded her services and will now be offering Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation as part of RKF chiropractic.

Having completed her training as a human Sports Massage therapist in 2016 and with the disappointing postponement of the IAVC Veterinary Chiropractic course until 2021 due to Covid-19, Becky chose to undertake further study and is incredibly excited to announce that she has successfully completed her training as a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (Cert. ESMT).

Equine Sports Massage is a fantastic complementary therapy

Which provides positive results in both competition horses and companion horses alike. The benefits of massage are so vast that they include performance improvements for those in regular and competitive work and also rehabilitation, including those recovering on box rest, horses with laminitis and conditions that cause reduced range of movement.

Equine Sports Massage can also be used to aid recovery from significant injury or prolonged muscle disuse.

Becky sees a range of equines and personally has experience in treating horses for routine massage, rehabilitation and also pre and post-event massage work.

Check out the Equine Services page for more information about the signs and symptoms you may see in your horse that massage may be able to help with and also more information about the benefits of massage for your horse.

Equine Sports Massage

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